.NET Micro Framework Invaders and Remote Robot Control

Take a look at how easy it is to write C# .NET Micro Framework applications – Olivier Bloch and Mike Hall write “Hello World”, “Space Invaders” and then show a Freescale board remotely controlling a Parallax Beo-Bot through Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Duration : 0:10:47

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5 thoughts on “.NET Micro Framework Invaders and Remote Robot Control

  1. the Freescale board …
    the Freescale board is about $300, and runs the NET Micro Framework.

    – Mike

  2. Interesting, what’s …
    Interesting, what’s the price of such a board, does it has an operating system?

  3. LOL. If you have …
    LOL. If you have been programming Microcontrollers with embly language and C you will appreciate this . But if you are just a beginner …then you are lucky.

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