Mobile Visual Search Engine on the Apple iPhone

Imagine you could search the Internet just by taking a picture of something, such snapping a picture of a music CD to look up reviews and listen to the tracks, instantly getting information on a product featured in a magazine, or looking up recommend places to visit by taking a picture of a famous landmark.

Millions of mobile phone users can “visually search” the Internet today with the help of this revolutionary search engine powered by Evolution Robotics’ Visual Pattern Recognition technology. (ViPR®)

Evolution is developing a number of applications for visual search, and we came up with this quick demo for the iPhone to showcase some of the the possibilities .

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Duration : 0:4:6

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26 thoughts on “Mobile Visual Search Engine on the Apple iPhone

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  3. It isnt really an …
    It isnt really an app ;), you just mail a pic to a webserver,

    unless of course you mean that bit of software/..

  4. interesting stuff, …
    interesting stuff, I too have a youtube account to do with iphones and other various mobile phones that may be of interest, check it out: watch?v=ReaFPDHo1WY

  5. yeah, maybe you …
    yeah, maybe you could have all the criminal pictures, and find out if sombody is about to mug you and rob your iphone!

  6. What about face …
    What about face recognition? Imagine you take pic of some persons face, then upload it, and that software search for it on the internet. That could be very usefull.

  7. Waha! That’s just …
    Waha! That’s just like a Pokedex from Pokemon 😀 Super Cool Feature!

  8. I wonder if this …
    I wonder if this the ViPR image recognition technology and database includes or will be expanded to include album/book covers, and photographs of people.

    Privacy issues aside, harnessing photographs from the abundance of social networking sites would yield a comprehensive archive of human faces, which would extend this technology to identifying people on the street.

    Extending this concept to other organisms & rocks, biologists & geologists in the field cab use it to identify species & rocks.

  9. nope no jalbreak …
    nope no jalbreak and touch doesn’t have camera so you would have to get the picture pre synced from your computer. HOpe that answered your Q’stn

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