G Robot: To Slay a Blood Relation

From Command Pictures comes this new short film that takes place in an all too familiar future. When a modified G-Series droid malfunctions, a GREG model must hunt it’s own kind.

Duration : 0:10:10

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5 thoughts on “G Robot: To Slay a Blood Relation

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    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  2. this is good stuff …
    this is good stuff DC. i never liked russian robots, and i must say that seeing them kill each other is better than sliced rat roasting on bayonets over a fire in siberia.

  3. This is ing …
    This is ing great! I ing love this ing movie! I ing love ing robots and ing bullets and the ing future! And ing drugs, too! I can’t ing wait until the next ing one s out!

  4. I always learn …
    I always learn something new from your videos! This lesson: Umm… don’t do coke around robots?

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