Where do you guys buy gundam seed model kits?

Gundam seed is a series of anime. It's super robot with spikes on their forehead 2 eyes. P.S I only want to know where to buy gundam seeds
not gundam seed destiny
It's a toy model kit>
It's a toy model kit

Gundam Store and More

Hobby Link Japan

Hobby Wave

Hobby Fan (mostly garage kits, expensive as hell)

Anime U.S.A.

Robot Toys

These are sights that all Gundam fans should know about. I've purchased from Anime U.S.A. at the Otakon many times.
Gundam Store and More is good as well.

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4 thoughts on “Where do you guys buy gundam seed model kits?

  1. I bought a few at a store called Gamezilla.

    Check out your local videogame/anime/comic book stores.

    Also, anime conventions always have gundam kits too.
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