ChildLikes’ Six-Legged Metal Robot Battles Plastic Toy Bug

Robotic Bug “Charlotte” developed by ChildLikes, Inc. battles Japan’s Mushi King, the former state-of-the-art robotic toy bug. You could say that Charlotte literally runs circles around the competition.

Duration : 0:0:48

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14 thoughts on “ChildLikes’ Six-Legged Metal Robot Battles Plastic Toy Bug

  1. Make a little Robot …
    Make a little Robot fighter equipped with a pellet gun to shoot rats and roaches in the subway tunnels

  2. wel obviouslyly the …
    wel obviouslyly the plastic one is stronger the metal one is only fast because it has no armour making it an easy target but also a hard one because it is fast
    faster:the robot

  3. It looks…. creepy …
    It looks…. creepy…. The slower ones more realistic… I prefer that to speed. But which is stronger?

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