BattleBots Competition FIRE!!!

(View the better video with music and outcome here Yeah so this was our first battlebot competition and we only had 1 meeting before this, so we didnt have the bot that we are going to be using this year. So we took an old one (which got 3rd in the NATION last year) but we hadnt fought with it before this. So this is our bot which will know what it feels like to be on fire. 🙂 Well our battery is toasted, litterally. (skip the begginging because it took a while for the …

Duration : 0:3:44

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5 thoughts on “BattleBots Competition FIRE!!!

  1. Holy crap, you have …
    Holy crap, you have to give it a toon up.
    And maby some better armor

  2. …..Yeah well ” …
    …..Yeah well “there’s nothing like a little fire to liven up the match”….It was cool, even though you have to restart…:)at least you get more building in 🙂 lol

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