R2S2 – The Steam Powered R2D2 Robot from Crabfu

Crabfu SteamWorks built a really awesome, steam powered R2D2 robot they call “R2S2”. The cute little robot will be demonstrated at the Maker Faire and at RoboGames in San Francisco. For more information, visit Robots Dreams at http://www.robots-dreams.com.

Duration : 0:3:26

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25 thoughts on “R2S2 – The Steam Powered R2D2 Robot from Crabfu

  1. That’s what the …
    That’s what the losers say when they’ve got nothing to show for themselves 🙂

  2. well done , but…. …
    well done , but….. you got far toooo much time on your hands

  3. To be honest I …
    To be honest I liked the steam-powered robot walker more, I mean a steam-powered R2D2? That’s oxymoronic. Steam and futurisitic looks just don’t fit to me. Its something which should be related to steampunk only.

  4. @SubZeroCobra yup …
    @SubZeroCobra yup he didnt, but have you heard about steampunk, Idiot?

  5. they seem almost …
    they seem almost human in their sense of determined purposelessness.
    all stationary engines must dream (if thermodynamics dream) of going places where no toaster has browned before.

  6. Or, You could use …
    Or, You could use it as a prank to blow mist in someones face :P.

  7. YOU!!! Are the most …
    YOU!!! Are the most awesome person EVER XD steam powered ANYTHING is awesome! You’ve inspired me

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