Custom Robot Arm and Gripper Demo

This is the latest robot arm I custom designed for my Experimental Robot Platform. I wanted a robot arm with 4 DOF, simple to make, lite-weight, and has the ability to reliably pick up just about anything.

To learn more, visit here:

Duration : 0:2:48

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9 thoughts on “Custom Robot Arm and Gripper Demo

  1. Buy servos online …
    Buy servos online for the best deal. RadioShack used to sell some, not sure anymore.

  2. i cant find the …
    i cant find the hobby servos do u no if radio shake has them

  3. That’s a battery …
    That’s a battery and receiver. See my site, I used FEA to test to see if it’ll break =P

  4. Well, I custom …
    Well, I custom designed it, and attached regular hobby servos to it. Go to my site and start reading!

  5. Thats cool! I saw …
    Thats cool! I saw the little battery…or was it just something on the floor? and at the end….XD how’d you do that without it breaking it?

  6. The gripper servo …
    The gripper servo isn’t strong enough to crush anything. The servo just sits there slowly heating up . . . As long as it doesn’t do it for long, nothing bad will happen.

    As for making a living . . . right now I’m living in a 3rd world country so it doesn’t take much money to pay the bills here =P
    I don’t make anything off the site, but I make a little from my Axon sales.

  7. So, I noticed you …
    So, I noticed you had the gripper servo motioned all the way closed even for the big items like the water bottle. How does it not keep trying to tightening the gribber closed even when that wold mean crushing the bottle… or more likely breaking the servo?

    BTW Nice robot… did you get it from a kit?… lol j/k! I saw your comments in the webpages.

    P.S. Awesome… AWESOME website. Is the site just a hobby or do you make a living off of the axon and such?

  8. ahhh that was a …
    ahhh that was a great idea!!! i have been stressing my self out on how im going to do the gripper… thnx dude ;D

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