Unboxing the Litter Robot

If you are sick of manually cleaning your cat’s litter box, then you might want to take a look at the litter robot, unboxed here for your viewing pleasure. 🙂


Duration : 0:2:14

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11 thoughts on “Unboxing the Litter Robot

  1. I am a reviewer, …
    I am a reviewer, and as such, I have to know a little something about everything I write or film video about before I get started – as was the case with the Litter Robot.

    I certainly don’t work for them, nor did I invent the product. As a matter of fact, one of their direct competitors will be getting the same review treatment from me soon.

    I admire you skepticism, but you didn’t call this correctly.

  2. Lady i think you …
    Lady i think you know alittle to much and spending a lot of time with this on youtube to just be a buyer, Just admit thaat you work for or invented this WAY over priced box.

  3. i have one concern …
    i have one concern with this product, and even thoguh it is disgusting, i choose to disclose it at your discretion. I am currently using a litter maid system for a multiple cat household and i have had a morjor problem with feces getting crammed into the groves of the moving parts and the scooping grate. i have had little sucess in cleaning this matter and have given up on the whole ordeal. have you ever had this problem? or had an animal with diarreah cause a mess?

  4. Jut got mine today, …
    Jut got mine today, havent tried it out yet, but I am working on it.

    You remind me of OJ with the knife use opening that box. girl.

  5. If you have ONE …
    If you have ONE dainty cat, then maybe as long as two weeks…but I would never leave a cat alone for that long. You may come back and find your refrigerator emptied, your water bill sky-high (from repeated flushing by a bored cat), and ordered on your pay per view…just sayin’. 😉

  6. im planning to get …
    im planning to get one so i can go on holiday, how long can you leave the cat genie for, wihtout emptying it??

  7. hey how long can i …
    hey how long can i leave this without cleaning with one cat if i go on holiday or vacation?? if you really push it ??

  8. Wow! That was …
    Wow! That was expensive. You should have got the ‘CatGenie’. It’s really nice, and isn’t very loud. We got one for our cats and it’s amazing. 😀

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