Future robots-Motion execution by robot hand

Motion execution by robot hand (NAIST-Hand) using data glove.

NAIST(Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Information Science in Japan) Robotics Laboratory

Duration : 0:2:17

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25 thoughts on “Future robots-Motion execution by robot hand

  1. For example, an …
    For example, an operation of a skilled physician is taken by remote control by other countries.

    What I can say to you is to have a flexible thought.

  2. -.-‘ for example u …
    -.-‘ for example u could use robotic hands to deal with radioactive material , or in other dangerous envirments :\

  3. nah……We can use …
    nah……We can use this robotic hands to get the pizza out of the oven =p

  4. and if the machine …
    and if the machine malfunctioned it could like bend ur fingers back n break them =(

  5. What do we need …
    What do we need this for actually?!?

    People are getting fatter….. Thats just going to make them even more fatter!

  6. because believe it …
    because believe it or not it would very heavy and you would need to carry a huge battery pack on your back

  7. it doesn’t matter …
    it doesn’t matter where u can get it it’s way 2 expensive 4 anyone 2 buy

  8. why don’t the just …
    why don’t the just attach that to the end of their own arm and make it into a suit? then they can increase their strength and grip like with them jap suit thingys

  9. u know it wud have …
    u know it wud have been funny if he sticked his middle finger out yahhhhhhh baby

  10. all moste there …
    all moste there 2008 and thats the best we got lol i expected more. mabby a full robot sute by now. if i had the money i would make one my self. its not that hard with the money. i could spend years working on something like that

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