The roach Controlled Mobile Robot

A description of the roach Controlled Mobile Robot, by Garnet Hertz: “Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot” is an experimental mechanism that uses a living Madagascan hissing roach atop a modified trackball to control a three-wheeled robot. If the roach moves left, the robot moves left. Infrared sensors also provide navigation feedback to the roach, striving to create a pseudo-intelligent system with the roach as the CPU

Duration : 0:4:46

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25 thoughts on “The roach Controlled Mobile Robot

  1. You bet?I bet your …
    You bet?I bet your bet is going to lose.

  2. You are true, but …
    You are true, but even that pointless project has its purpose – to show “this is the wrong way”.

  3. they need to invent …
    they need to invent a “terminator” roach and set that motherf*cker loose in my kitchen

  4. build one with a …
    build one with a big windshield and guns so we can learn the roaches true intentions.

  5. “Dis”Controlled by …
    “Dis”Controlled by the roach (lol). It will be the roach revenge: step on the head of a man.

  6. This is some funny …
    This is some funny . I could not stop laughing..

    But then I had a glimpse of reality in the future..

    And I laughed more ~ we’re ed!


  7. Future power plant …
    Future power plant idea! Millions of roaches on little tiny treadmills powering generators. Perhaps we can make an agreement with our new roach allies to solve the energy crisis. No one steal my idea. Hail the mighty roach! Let him show us the way!

  8. That sorry excuse …
    That sorry excuse for a shopping cart brings new meaning to the word USELESS!

  9. Better than people …
    Better than people being servants…I have a war going on with them NOW! LOL! At least they are useful in some capacity!

  10. Wouldn’t you know …
    Wouldn’t you know that as SOON as I was going to post a comment, a waterbug attacked me. Yeah, one of those giant, flying roachy mugs.

    They can sense what’s happening and they don’t like it.

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