Talent 2008 DK Finale Robot Drengene Winner

Winner of Talent 2008 Denmark – Robot Dancers. These guys are amazing dancers and entertainers. They made it! They won the final, and the prize money of 250.000 danish kroner.

Duration : 0:2:21

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25 thoughts on “Talent 2008 DK Finale Robot Drengene Winner

  1. Wish I did. Yer on …
    Wish I did. Yer on the money, that beat and melody is sick!

  2. type in robot got …
    type in robot got talen(no “t”) and i think it was the same too, but better performance.

  3. The tall one makes …
    The tall one makes his own music…thats what i heard anyways!

  4. Anyone know what …
    Anyone know what song starts up at 0:50? That beat is really awesome.

  5. Song is Moments in …
    Song is Moments in Love by numerous bands.
    This was obviously a remix.

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