Blackjack Part 1: Telegraph Fearmongers For Terror Attacks

Friday, January 16, 2009 A bizarre, anonymous and offensive picture gallery currently appearing on the website of the London Telegraph newspaper that tells the story of a terrorist nuke attack on London has left many asking questions about its origin and meaning.

The slide show features on a section dedicated to art, culture, film and music but seemingly holds no artistic credence whatsoever, comprising merely of a series of crude pictures designed to instill fear into the viewer. The only purpose of the gallery is presumably just a continuation of the incessant drone of fearmongering propaganda from the establishment media and authorities about the imminent inevitability of a mass casualty terror attack.

Entitled Blackjack, the gallery begins with a date, June 20 at 2pm, followed by an MI5 logo and the text MI5 report warns government of imminent terrorist attack. This certainly makes sense because MI5 and MI6 have proven themselves adept at controlling terrorist groups and carrying out attacks in the past, including paying Al-Qaeda $100,000 in the mid-80s in a failed attempt to assinate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

After we learn that the attack will be the work of home grown extremists, Islamists and Christian doomsday cultists, the date switches to June 21 at 12pm as a nuclear bomb is loaded onto a white van in London. As notes, the fictitious attack occurs during the Summer solstice, the name on the side of the van is New Dawn Presentations and the logo is the Sun. The white van also harks back to the Kingstar (controlled demolition company) van that was pictured near the exploded bus after the 7/7 London bombings.

After citizens panic buy groceries and flee London in droves, on June 22 at 8:03am, the nuke explodes in central London. The images then show the devastation in the aftermath of the attack as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben lay in ruins.

This is only the end of part one and in part two we are promised similar devastation with an image of millions fleeing New York City.

This disgusting and pointless gallery cannot be classed as culture, art or anything of the sort – it is nothing more than gratuitous and macabre ography for those in establishment, and believe me there are many, that yearn for another 9/11 or worse in order to unravel their contemptuous political agenda.

What kind of sick mind created this and why was it allowed to feature so prominently on a major UK newspaper website? This is vile, vulgar propaganda and downright offensive, especially to the millions of people who live in London and New York City and have already suffered terrorist attacks, both of which were carried out with the complete complicity of the British and U.S. governments, within the past decade.

We need answers as to who created this, what its implausible artistic merit is, and why the London Telegraph allowed it to appear on their website.

We encourage people to make their complaints via this online form. Dont give them your real address, just make up a fake one.

Article by Paul Joseph Watson

Duration : 0:3:30

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20 thoughts on “Blackjack Part 1: Telegraph Fearmongers For Terror Attacks

  1. and the ones that …
    and the ones that run them and call themselves “think tanks”.

    Bilderberg Group.
    Council on Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission

    and more….

  2. Well they’re …
    Well they’re blaming the terrorist attacks on the wrong people. You forgot to name the british and american government.

  3. Blackjack in …
    Blackjack in operation.. phase 1.. Obama calling Americans to “serve”.. the “serve” will be from June 22, 2009 to September 11, 2009.. that’s right.. 06-22-2009 to 09-11-2009.. you had better wake up fast..


  4. It’s a full , …
    It’s a full , i’m sorry for u but London is still save and nothing happened. But i know one thing: very soon, there will be some global changes, it will change everything soon, in 2009-2010-2011-2012. Search the true. Find out 2012.

  5. I said he was right …
    I said he was right about other things in the past like the 08/08/08 conflict between Georgia and Russia. And i said maybe thats all.

  6. Well, it’s 8:10 am …
    Well, it’s 8:10 am in London, and so far, no nukes have off.

  7. Well, it’s 8:10 am …
    Well, it’s 8:10 am right now, and so far, no bombs. Your friend’s a crackpot, clairvoyancy does not exist. Get a life, and stop worrying about unreal things.

  8. PEOPLE, come on now …
    PEOPLE, come on now. The date is June 22, 2010 and NOT 2009. I thought I explained that in my previous comments. Anyways, it commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Ardent Sentry 09 nationwide military preparedness exercises. The second timer that was posted on jackblack12(DOT)info provides the date of September 11, 2011 which of course commemorates the ten-year anniversary of the “terrorist” attacks of 9/11 on the WTC buildings and the Pentagon. Watch my video series for more information.

  9. The Telegraph will …
    The Telegraph will not talk about it. The author of the work is still unknown.

  10. I just phoned then …
    I just phoned then and apparently they don’t know about it but will call me back. I don’t see how they couldn’t know given the attenton its been given.

  11. please! dont come …
    please! dont come to me with that ministry of sound crap! its made especially for the matrix soundtrack… now ministry of sound might have taken this and made what they are good at… makin REMIXES of other peoples work…

  12. You are absolutely …
    You are absolutely right !. But I hardly beleive it could be truth. Is that possible ! I am going crazy !
    Will that catastrophe happen in real on 22 June

  13. is the London …
    is the London Telegraph not talking about who made this slide and why ? any one out in youtube land know

  14. the cartoon version …
    the cartoon version is better. don’t forget to read the comments on part 5….of the comic strip version. creepy!

  15. Your not crazy a …
    Your not crazy a friend had a dream of that 3 years ago he predicted in 2009 there would be a major false flag attack involveing nuclear weapon’s

  16. Everyone this may …
    Everyone this may sound crazy and unbelievable but listen up:
    A man that i know who is very clairvoyant and literaly saw future things that happened in his dreams: told me to beware of 22/06/09 and 07/08/2009 in london and then in chicago. He said that in chicago there is currently a tower called the Sears tower that will soon be called the Willis tower (cause Willis compagny which has ties to the Rockefellers will rent it) and an attack there may be the triger for the Amero.
    Just beware.

  17. The phrase “Be …
    The phrase “Be alert for Semis bearing the sun icon” could also be a reference to semi-trailers adorned with an icon of the sun. Examples include Wal-Mart and Target, whose logos/icons are striking reproductions of sun symbolism.

    The phrase “Not all federal authorities are involved” is potentially giving indication that, although some federal-level governmental departments/officials/entities are culpable for the forthcoming catastrophe, not ALL of them are participating in this horrific event.

  18. The phrase “Be …
    The phrase “Be alert for Semis bearing the sun icon” is incredibly cryptic. In the ancient Roman Republic, the semis was a small copper or bronze coin, distinguished by an “S” insignia or sometimes a 6-dot sequence, that was valued at half an AS coin. The coin featured a bust of Saturn on the obverse, and the prow of a ship on the reverse. Could the phrase be a cryptic reference to a new form of currency in North America? Only time will tell.


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