Robotics and Electronics Tutorial – 10 – Building a Circuit

Part 11 –

How to build a simple circuit.

Duration : 0:4:7

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18 thoughts on “Robotics and Electronics Tutorial – 10 – Building a Circuit

  1. did you say which …
    did you say which size resistor to use and why? people what you need to do to calculate the resistor size to use is the use the equation R=V / I. R=resistance, V=volts and I=current. you will find a current rating from the manufacturer of the LED. let’s say it’s 1mA (or 0.001A). therefore R=9 / 0.001 = 9000 ohms

  2. because electrons …
    because electrons are negatively charged and the energy/electricity is just the flow of electrons

  3. dont the electrons/ …
    dont the electrons/charges flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal?

  4. can u use a …
    can u use a breadboard in stead off allagator clips? if u no kinda wat i mean

  5. you’re hot and …
    you’re hot and smart. I’d love to know as half as much as you know. Have you graduated yet? (collage) if yes, what was your degree on?

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