Japanese robotic ExoSkeleton

In the latest installment of NY1’s two-week series looking at technology in Japan, Techno Tokyo, we meet the bionic man…sort of. Tech Beat Reporter Adam Balkin explains

Duration : 0:2:36

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17 thoughts on “Japanese robotic ExoSkeleton

  1. dude in the future …
    dude in the future there will be ways to just stay in shape easily (not talking about exercises or pills) if we can invent exo skeletons im pretty sure we can do alot more

  2. These are the type …
    These are the type of ideas that will make everyone morbidly fat in the future.. no matter how awesome it is. Crazy Japs :’)

  3. thats 5-10 years …
    thats 5-10 years technology from now but it would have great response nearly the same as yours right now.

  4. 1:25 it says …
    1:25 it says Cyberdyne… Aren’t they the ones who create Skynet that eventually destroys the world?

  5. wonder how much …
    wonder how much better the suit would respond if hooked directly to the nervous systems?

  6. My apologies for …
    My apologies for the extra comment, but what is the price range of one of these?

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