Japanese Land Walker Robot

This Land Walker Machine has two legs and two rapid fire machine guns on each side. Imagine this robot after a few more advancements in technology. It would be unstoppable. In about one more decade this robot will become autonomous (learns on its own, thinks, acts, reacts makes decisions, and virtually does everything on its own). By then it will also be much faster, agile, coordinated and mobile. We all better hope that these things never become to smart and decide to turn on humanity.

Duration : 0:4:25

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11 thoughts on “Japanese Land Walker Robot

  1. America’s enemies: …
    America’s enemies:Children of Afghanistan-Palestine Pakistan.

    I wonder how powerful they are that the Pentagon wants a Robot attack on them!:D

  2. HAHAHA lame… …
    HAHAHA lame… that’s not a walker…

    notice how the feet don’t come off the ground, totally pointless… its more of a slider, or roller skater robot.

  3. i never thought …
    i never thought walkers are a good idea the balace would have to be perfect weight would have to be perfect so it doesn’t succumb to its own weight and if not heavy and balanced enough someone on a bike could knock it over

  4. yeah i am not …
    yeah i am not intimidated just run up to it really fast and knock it over lol

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