Simple Pleasures–Henry Homesweet Dance

I was just bored and I thought I would try to make bad dancing look good, so I posted it up here. Tell me what you think. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I tried to mix some interpretive dance, martial arts, tecktonik, the robot, and aerobics.

Duration : 0:3:45

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12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures–Henry Homesweet Dance

  1. I think otherwise, …
    I think otherwise, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. My friends dance like baboons =P

  2. i think the only …
    i think the only dancing i could actually do is clogging and maybe some of my old tap skills…lol

    i think your friends would pwn me. =D

  3. OMG I love this, …
    OMG I love this, you’re a really good dancer! You’d totally pwn my friends in a danceoff;] And Henry Homesweet is AMAZING.

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