Data Robotics Drobo Storage Robot Enclosure

Visit to learn more about the Data Robotics Drobo Storage Robot Enclosure. If you’re passionate about creating and collecting digital content, but not about storing it, we’ve designed the Drobo Storage Robot Enclosure just for you. The Drobo is the first storage system to take the pain out of keeping your content safe. Avoid the hassles of complex RAID setups or managing multiple external hard drives. Attach Drobo to your Mac or PC and let it manage your storage needs, so you don’t have to. Combine four hard drives into one large storage pool. You can start with two drives, then move up to four. Upgrade drive size, speed, even manufacturer at any time. Mix and match as you need, or as you like. Drobo—it does everything for you.

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25 thoughts on “Data Robotics Drobo Storage Robot Enclosure

  1. How does it not …
    How does it not loose your data when you remove a drive? I thought it was funny how he doesn’t answer questions and just craps out the product specs.

  2. When is some one …
    When is some one going to do a video that is of use to people on here all we are getting is more and more rubbish.
    I wont to know how to set up server steaming for macs and appletv , what sort of file formats do I use ect.

  3. Okay obviously you …
    Okay obviously you didn’t read my full comment cause I don’t have a pc I got a mac, & I got the drobo because it’s scalable. Let me know if you need me to elaborate this for you….

  4. Then why did you …
    Then why did you get a Drobo. -_- Just stick the hard-disk in your PC, or get a conventional external harddisk.

  5. Hello, I purchased …
    o, I purchased a drobo & can’t figure out how to put my itunes & iphoto in there. Can you make a video explaining how to do this on a mac? I don’t want to use drobo as back up just external hard drive to free up my internal drive which is filling up very quickly. Thanks…

  6. This is how RAID …
    This is how RAID and LVM works … You just add and delete drives as you need more capacity and as your drives fail.

    But you really should supplement this with a backup tape device for longer term storage.

  7. well that only …
    well that only applies if you star out with an empty Drobo. I have one that has stuff in it and I can’t change it to the new 16TB max(if im not mistaken) without re-formatting it.

  8. You’ll have 3TB of …
    You’ll have 3TB of usable space with 4 drives of 1 TB each. Here’s an explanation from the drobo forum:

    You have four drives. I’m going to write a different number to three drives, and then write the sum of those numbers to the fourth drive: Drive 1: 3 Drive 2: 6 Drive 3: 2 Drive 4: (3+6+2) = 11 Now, if I remove any one of those drives, I can figure out what was missing from it. (IE, if we remove drive 2, we take 11 – 2 – 3 = 6, so we know the missing drive was storing the number 6).

  9. Ahah!!! so there …
    Ahah!!! so there is a drawback!!! LOL
    I guess the idea is to keep drives of similar sizes always, this minimizes the problem. But I guess for every gig that you have you will need another gig for redundancy, so if I stick 4 terabytes worth of drives in the unit I will only get 2 terabytes of real usable storage (+ the peace of mind I guess…)

    The unit is still cool either way! Wonder if a unit with eSATA output connection will be developed soon??

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  11. When the 1 TB drive …
    When the 1 TB drive was first added, part of that drive was reserved for redundancy, in this scenario, a large part. So you won’t get 1TB of storage space out of it. So if it fails, the other three drives will maintain the data. But if you later add another 1TB drive to replace the 150GB, say, that you’ll gain a lot more space.

  12. or much worse, say …
    or much worse, say my Drobo is 90% full. what if I have (3) 150 GB drives, (1) 1TB drive. The big 1TB drive has a red flashing light (fails) and must be replaced. Since there was a HUGE amount of data on the drive that failed, should I expect to lose a lot of data? how can 3 150GB drives rebuild the data that was stored on a 1TB drive?

  13. hard drives …
    hard drives starting to crap the bed can some one tell me if i have the input for sata do i need to use an adapter to use it and will it work without using raid???

  14. well you might want …
    well you might want to check on the site and check out the little video he shows, plus with your 600 raid box that your planing to build, would i be able to have different size drives and still have it back up my data if the drive fails, i think not.

  15. No, I can’t. I …
    No, I can’t. I guess you’re right. But in this video they don’t talk about actual benefits in technical terms. It’s more like: “So what does it do?” – “Oh, it takes care of your backups for you.” – “And what else does it do?” – “Well it’s very easy to use.” You know what I mean? So I was like: “Good. But why is it so expensive if it’s all it does?” 🙂

  16. It’s not $600. A …
    It’s not $600. A hardware RAID controller like a 4-channel 3ware costs almost as much, but the form factor and ease of use is not even close. This is more flexible than regular RAID because it switches automatically between mirroring, striping with parity and non-redundancy for maximum efficiency. If you can do all this cheaper, prove it.

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