Futaba Humanoid Robot

Futaba unveiled their new humanoid robot simultaneous in Japan and the US at major hobby shows last week. The robot has 20 degrees of freedom and is expected to have a US street price of around $1,200. For more information visit Robots Dreams at http://www.robots-dreams.com.

Duration : 0:2:4

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25 thoughts on “Futaba Humanoid Robot

  1. throw a handfull of …
    throw a handfull of gravel out there or a wad of duct tape and see how it shines… hehehe

  2. that is very …
    that is very impressive to me i was amazed that it was able to get itself up i nver see things like this so i’m amazed…..Transformers are real Mom i told you

  3. Hum, i mean’t that …
    Hum, i mean’t that anyone could equip it with a gun, or something similar to fire off a projectile that would easily be lethal. Im not saying this is a terminator, but a one shot type could easily be home-made with this.

    So, while my goal was to say that this robot not matter how small could still be dangerous, your goal was to be an .

    Good job, you win, heres a cookie.

  4. Pretty sure that if …
    Pretty sure that if that little guy had the momentum of a bullet he’d be lethal too…

    Think out your comparisons before you speak.


  5. Uh, a bullet can …
    Uh, a bullet can kill any human being and is alot smaller then that robot.


  6. if you can program …
    if you can program it with the computer at home then…umm…technically wont some nerd program to kill someone?


  7. And yeah I’m aware …
    And yeah I’m aware it’s a homemade robot, that’s where the punchline comes in – get it now? eh? EH??

  8. Whatever, it was a …
    Whatever, it was a joke. Why so serious?? And why the f are you responding to a comment 2 months old?? But since you gave me the occasion I still think this bot has deadly potential.

  9. ASIMO is an AI..

    ASIMO is an AI..
    this one, you program it with your computer at home.. it comes with the software

  10. Wow, I’m seeing all …
    Wow, I’m seeing all these robot videos on youtube.., are all those home made?, purshased toys?, is this some kind of industry where you can purchase basic parts, motors, sensors, controllers, etc. and create robots without knowing Electronics??(welding, circuits, tablets, etc.), just maybe being good in programming???, what kind of stores can one search for all these?? I’m a Web Designer and Programmer, this is knew to me.

  11. This is by far the …
    This is by far the deadliest of all the robots. It can stab you in the face in a rapid combo succesion like no other. Just grow it bigger and unleash it to kick ASIMO’s

  12. When it walks to …
    When it walks to the side you need MC Hammer music going… Uh oh uhoh uhoh Can’t touch this!

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