Robot Chicken Dragon Ball Z Christmas

Robot Chicken Dragon Ball Z Christmas Hilarious ^^

Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, Aired by Adult Swim/Cartoonetwork
Produced by Stoopid Monkey, Shadowmachine Films, Williams Street and Sony Pictures Digital

Duration : 0:4:16

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25 thoughts on “Robot Chicken Dragon Ball Z Christmas

  1. if that gohan how …
    if that gohan how come he not older i mean at the beganning it say goten so that should be goten right there not gohan


  3. Poor Gohan…

    I …
    Poor Gohan…

    I love the ending. (It reminded me of the actual series. I thought that was funny!)

    They stupid drum man never dies!!!

  4. and whatever you …
    and whatever you like is just…. whatever you like.

    anime is just as serious an entertainment as live action films or books.

    bleach sucks, by the way

  5. (sigh)Listen, I …
    (sigh)Listen, I don’t try to watch every anime out there. I am not obsessed with it like other people I know. I’m not the kind of guy who gets ed about American voice actors(personally I hate subtitles and I can’t understand Japanese so what the ?). I only watch the animes that particularly intrigue me: like Gundam, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, F.M.A, and a couple others. I don’t try to read all there books or anything. I am just a casual fan. There just cartoons… guys.

  6. well you should. …
    well you should. Akira is pretty much THE MOST influencial anime ever made.

  7. Wait a minute! Your …
    Wait a minute! Your calling me an moron just because I don’t know the name of some character from Kira or Akira, or whatever the the name of the show is, that I never even heard of in the first place? Dude, calm your down and shut the up!

  8. no you moron. it is …
    no you moron. it is Tetsuo from Akira. that whole scene is a parody of akira.

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