Robot suit developed to help the vulnerable

Japanese researchers develop a robot suit that can help the elderly and infirm walk or lift heavy objects. The robot suit dubbed “Hybrid istive Limb 5”, was developed by Yoshiyuki Sankai, a professor from the University of Tsukuba. “We have developed a robot suit which can expand, amplify and support the functions of human body,” Sakai said. “By wearing the robot suit, people suffering from stroke or from brain damage can lead their daily lives independently.”

The suit is equipped with sensors that detect electric nerve signals transmitted from the brain when a person tries to move his or her limbs. When the sensors detect the nerve signals, the computer starts up the relevant motors to ist the person’s motions.
Reuters 9151/05

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25 thoughts on “Robot suit developed to help the vulnerable

  1. shit, if i get old …
    , if i get old and cant move that well anymore i would want one of those…for free of course. heh

  2. 0:14 Oh yes. I …
    0:14 Oh yes. I always have troubled when random guys hand me bags of flour…

  3. Is it waterproof?

    Is it waterproof?
    And…Imagine dancing in that.
    It doesn’t look comfortable at all.

  4. guy in big goggles …
    guy in big goggles – has so sexy voice… 🙂

    what kind of actuator does it use? please anyoone knows?

  5. 2:09 walk down the …
    2:09 walk down the stairs was hilarious XD

    imagine he sings dora the explorer them while walking down the stairs with that kind of suit XD

  6. is it just me or …
    is it just me or does every professor in japan dealing with robotics look like otacon…

  7. i’d buy that be so …
    i’d buy that be so awesome liftin up cars xD, althought it is a little bulky but still very creative

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