ROM: Spaceknight

Few people realize that the Marvel character ROM: Spaceknight was originally a toy released by Parker Bros. They asked for Marvel to create a story and tie-in comic, which actually out-ran the selling of the toys by several years.

This is the only video ad for the toy (which debuted at the 1979 Toy Fair); by the time of the toy’s actual release, the green LED eyes were replaced by red LED’s for cost purposes.

This is what the future looks like.

Duration : 0:1:38

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25 thoughts on “ROM: Spaceknight

  1. This toy really …
    This toy really looks like crap. So glad I wasn’t alive yet for this. Some kids probably couldn’t think of else in their short existence because their parents couldn’t afford to buy them this crappy robot.

  2. Easily the coolest …
    Easily the coolest toy waiting for me on Xmas morning many, many years ago. After all these years, I still own it and it still works!!

  3. I actually have a …
    I actually have a Rom the Space Knight & Power Man & Iron Fist crossover that is pretty bizzare to say the least. Like the comics, it’s just a readable ad.

  4. Rom paved the way …
    Rom paved the way for such other toy lines/ comic book franchises as Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man & Masters of the Universe, & Transformers.

  5. I used to have the …
    I used to have the Rom action figure too. I also used to read the Marvel comic book based on the character. Oddly, the comic book was much more successful then the action figure was.

  6. Call me ROM, …
    Call me ROM, Spaceknight
    For I am he!
    I rock the house
    Just like Kenny G!
    Bitchslap my girl
    By name of Brandy!
    Frying Dire Wraiths,
    It’s no wonder that I’m the one they call….
    – HB3

  7. From Wikipedia:
    ” …

    From Wikipedia:
    “The toy set a precedent for the game publishing company, which up until that time had only ever produced board games. As this was a new venture for the company and electronic toys were still very new, a decision was made to produce the figure as cheaply as possible. As a result, the final product had very few points of articulation, and twin red LEDs served as Rom’s eyes instead of the originally envisioned green, which were more expensive to produce.”

  8. I loved my ROM toy. …
    I loved my ROM toy. Mine had red eyes, too — the commercial was probably a prototype model. In one of those “it’s a wonder I’m still alive” moments of childhood, I hooked up the battery connectors in ROM’s backpack compartment to wires. To the other ends of the wires I connected paper clips. I slid one in one opening of a wall socket. Nothing. Then the other… BZZZZZT! Rom’s eyes glowed very bright for half a second. And then never glowed again. Someone I didn’t get hurt. Dumb kid.

  9. Hilarious! I was …
    Hilarious! I was thinking the exact same thing about that horrible wet tongue noise.

  10. Had ole Rom as well …
    Had ole Rom as well. Enjoyed the comic as well. Dang. Youtube does bring back some joyful memories!

  11. I’m reading this …
    I’m reading this series again.

    It seems to have had a lot of potential.

    Ever see Starriors?

  12. Rom, Starshine and …
    Rom, Starshine and Terminator (Well before Arnold) were the ultimate bad-asses. Then in a truly Painful twist of fate, Terminator murdered someone who seemed innocent. Terminator is one of the most tragic heroes in all of Marvel’s history. I won’t say anything more for now.

  13. This was a great …
    This was a great toy, my cousin had it. I was into the comic,, which was terrific. Implanting the brains/spinal columns of volunteers into neuro-armor to defend their planet is a wonderufl premise.

  14. Umm, if you’re a …
    Umm, if you’re a comic purist, the commercial got the Translator and Analizer backwards. I had a Rom when I was 10. I broke the hand off one time and took back to The Parker Bros’ factory (then located in Salem MA.) to see if they could fix it. They said “sure,” and disappered into the back room with my figure. 20 mins later they came back with the hand all fixed. Except they *didn’t* fix it–they just got me a new one. I always thought that was cool of them.

  15. I still have my ROM …
    I still have my ROM, complete and in perfect condition, just like Christmas morning 1979.
    Thanks for posting, NeverNews.

  16. Oh my GOD, that …
    Oh my GOD, that felt like two hours! And I’m OLD, and I remember the toy, but that commercial had more exposition than most movies these days. Also, you can hear the voice over guy’s wet tongue in between words. Disgusting! And, for a space knight, Rom sure had skinny arms.

  17. I had this! This …
    I had this! This was my favorite toy back in the day. I had the comics too. I need to get them and this toy again. Thank you for posting this.

  18. I didn´t know about …
    I didn´t know about it. I knew ROM from the Marvel Comics books only. I think this toy wasn´t launched here on Brazil.

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