hybrid walking robot

there are many studies about leg-wheel hybrid mobile robot because walking robot has high terrain adaptability on irregular ground but wheeled robot takes advantage of moving speed on smooth terrain. In the past, active wheels were often used for wheeled locomotion. However installation of active wheels restricted walking machine’s ability very much. Because active wheels need actuators, brake mechanism and steering mechanism. This equipment is so heavy and bulky that it’s not practical solution for walking robot which has many degrees of freedom. Proposed hybrid mobile robot named “Roller-Walker” is a vehicle with a special foot mechanism which changes between feet soles for the walking mode and passive wheels for the wheel. (Photo 2(a),(b)) Roller-Walker can utilize the installed actuators for walking, so additional weight is very light. The wheeled locomotion is based on the same principle of roller-skating.

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25 thoughts on “hybrid walking robot

  1. inspired by ghost …
    inspired by ghost in the shell complex? if not… that is almost exactly like the helper bots from GiTS.

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  3. Thats is one of the …
    Thats is one of the coolest inovations in highly mobile robotics I’ve seen in a while!

  4. Creepy, but all the …
    Creepy, but all the more impressive! Does it recognize itself that it doesn’t have to do anything when rolling down? How does it know to change from walking to rolling?

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