[Utau] Ruko, Teto, and Ritsu – Song of Robot’s Ears

I always see comments saying ‘Why don’t Ritsu, Teto, and Ruko sing together?’ Well here you go. 😀
Ritsu is now my new favorite Utau oAo And YES, he is a boy. So shhh. Dont troll eachother on whether or not he’s a real vocaloid or not, from what I”ve heard, he was a joke like Teto. Iunno. He’s an utau.

I do not own the song, the picture (Edited three pictures into one. Sorry it sucks), or the utaus Kasane Teto, Yokune Ruko, and Namine Ritsu. I only own the mixing and editing of the pictures.

This is my first Utau song, go easy on meh. TwT;

Duration : 0:3:34

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4 thoughts on “[Utau] Ruko, Teto, and Ritsu – Song of Robot’s Ears

  1. I just figured out …
    I just figured out about him today so I don’t really know much. xD I think he’s supposed to be a crossdresser, who was made to fool vocaloid fans into thinking he was a real vocaloid.

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