Fruity Loops Easy How To Vocoder Tutorial (robotic future voice)

Another No-nonsense QUICK and EASY 2 minute Step By Step tutorial…

All The goodness with out the other 15 minutes of muttering

Duration : 0:2:10

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21 thoughts on “Fruity Loops Easy How To Vocoder Tutorial (robotic future voice)

  1. the title of this …
    the title of this video doesnt make it clear on what the program name is , good tutorial ! now, whats the name of this program ? lol.

  2. have you selected …
    have you selected the correct input on the fx mixer and have you armed the track?

  3. I know what you …
    I know what you mean. it may just be your sound card isn’t good enough to do both. mine for example, when I sing using a vocoder, it doesn’t playback whilst I am singing, I have to just hear the effects after it has recorded. Also it makes my samples in the browser bar sound about 2 octaves lower than they should be when I choose my mic setting. As much as it is annoying, I think it is probably just the soundcard which if you really wanted could look into uprgrading…Hope that helps a bit.

  4. When i am …
    When i am connecting my micropone, (putting ASIO4ALL on). My sounds keeps being silince! When i am turning my microphone off and putting primary sound driver on, then i can hear the sounds again!
    Help me, why cant i use my mic and press the sounds so i can hear them, at the same time? :S

    Please answer

  5. Excellent tutorial! …
    Excellent tutorial!! How do you record vocals that are process thru the vocoder on the playlist??

  6. I did everything …
    I did everything and it sounds like im talking out of a small box; the voice is all distorted and muddled. It sounds nothing like a robot. ANy help?

  7. ok so not even a …
    ok so not even a few minutes after I wrote the last comment I figured it out lol…I had the 4fx routed to the 2nd somehow…i think it was a default…its funny how much I get of this and have only had the program for a few hours lol

  8. I have went through …
    I have went through the vid about five of six times lol..I cant seem to get the second FX to “route” to the fourth FX but the third will work just fine…3xosc = 3rd and the vocal is 2nd just like in the video…am i missing something?

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