Low Cost DIY Robotic Arm with Gripper and Basic Stamp

This educational robotic arm uses 4 standard servo motors (Parallax) and handmade brackets and a simple gripper. I spent less than USD50 for the mechanism, excluding the motors and Basic Stamp that I used as controller. Another simple concept for students of robotics that actually worked.

Duration : 0:1:9

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9 thoughts on “Low Cost DIY Robotic Arm with Gripper and Basic Stamp

  1. Hi fenoble,I really …
    Hi fenoble,I really like your design…may i know where can i buy the material?any specific website?

  2. Can i know what is …
    Can i know what is the material that you used to make the robotic body part including gripper?Is it possible if i can get the drawing of your robotic body part with actual size?

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