The Top 8 worst Mega Man Robot Master AI

The top 8 worst robot master AI. These robot masters have excessively simple patterns, or just can’t harm Mega Man at all.

8) Hard Man
7) Bomb Man
6) Heat Man
5) Crash Man
4) Mega Man
3) Top Man
2) Skull Man
1) Toad Man

Duration : 0:4:25

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25 thoughts on “The Top 8 worst Mega Man Robot Master AI

  1. Ive always had …
    Ive always had trouble with crash man but then i used this stradigy and i finally defeted him (hell ya!!!!)

  2. Aye, I tested it …
    Aye, I tested it out last time I fought Freeze Man, and he actually taunted at me. But that’s what these bosses do, they’re cocky enough to stand still until you move 😀

    But that shouldn’t earn a boss a place on this list >_>

  3. yeah but the …
    yeah but the instant you start moving or do anything he comes to life… he even taunts you if you dont do anything for a bit..

  4. I know. I wrote …
    I know. I wrote that late at night, I was tired 😛

    BTW; “barnacle brain!!!”? You can do better than that 😀

  5. Oh cool I always …
    Oh cool I always die trying to kill him never thought a charge shot would own you.

  6. nono, im not an …
    nono, im not an ignorant, i know that mavercik hunter is a remake of course

    maybe i was in a rush to post that, i meant that the easiest boss using his weakness is spark mandrill, because ke freezes and he cant move

    dont worry, you didnt sound agressive, everyone can get along xD

  7. Ah right, you’re …
    Ah right, you’re talking about the rematches. Figures, there’d be no other reason to fight Toad Man after getting his weakness whatsoever. You just kill him first 😛

  8. Actually, Wily 1 is …
    Actually, Wily 1 is fought in the same level as the robot master rematches. Also, in the NES games, weapon energy levels carry over from one fortress stage to the next.

  9. Only a few of the …
    Only a few of the robot masters stand still like that. Metal Man (MM2) is one of them (though I believe he WILL change the direction of the conveyor you’re standing on after a while. Also Freeze Man (MM7) does this, according to the comments here.

    To make them stand still, stand still. 😛

  10. However, that is …
    However, that is not the purpose of this video. This video is pretty much a guy showing off how to easily abuse their AI; not necessarily making them worthless.
    I mean, Crash Man just keeps dancing, but he will fire at you when you shoot. It’s just a good way to keep the pace of the battle down a bit, and also laugh at him 😀

    Short version: This isn’t about killing bosses. He’s making fun of them.

  11. You can’t. He …
    You can’t. He doesn’t move until you
    A. walk
    B. shoot

    If you charge before entering the room, then slide over to him, you can get a good point blank charge shot in, that’s all.

  12. Aye, ’tis but a …
    Aye, ’tis but a minor flaw. All you can do with it is slide up to his face and launch a single charged shot, but that’s not really worth it is it? >_>

  13. Ya but I think …
    Ya but I think skullman should be number 8 just cus he doesnt move till you do. Try to kill him with the megabuster and youll most likly die trying cus hes hard as hell.

  14. This is about bad …
    This is about bad AI, not easy fights. Also every fight is an easy fight if you use their weakness 😛

  15. Oh, what has the …
    Oh, what has the world come to…
    1. Maverick Hunter X is a remake of Mega Man X, thus Spark Mandrill is from MMX, not MHX.
    2. It’s called Shotgun Ice.
    3. Notice how he kills bosses with only the buster in this video? Yeah… Try that on Spark Mandrill, you’re in for a surprise. He’s kinda hard.

    Sorry if I seem agressive, I’m a huge fan of all things Mega Man.

  16. A
    weapons refill …

    weapons refill when you are on the stage select screen, including before you select Wily’s stage.

  17. Who knows? I can’t …
    Who knows? I can’t see it under all that plate. Maybe he actually is hard? 😛

    Not that I’d actually want to see that >_>

  18. That’s because, …
    That’s because, like Metal Man and Freeze Man (among a few others I believe), he doesn’t move until you do.

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