25 thoughts on “Perfect Sex Robot

  1. how on earth is …
    how on earth is that the perfect sex robot, all it does is talk. he didnt make the perfect sex robot, he did the exact opposite.

  2. i wonder if you …
    i wonder if you would get a horrible debilitating shock if you tried to have it give you head

  3. No I do not want to …
    No I do not want to lick your feet. Yes I do like music…. as you can see Koko can have a normal conversation. LOL ahaahaha yeah… totally normal reaction to a perverted guy.

  4. Why waste so much …
    Why waste so much time creating a doll that reacts EXACTLY like a female? I thought the purpose of creating it was to get away from the bitchiness of a female.

  5. There is no …
    There is no artificial intelligence. And its recognition and output devices are as advanced as the ones on my cell phone.

  6. Maybe not a good …
    Maybe not a good sex doll, but that “I’m not your slave” part makes it as good as the average wife.

  7. I think this one …
    I think this one might be a failure. no one cares if this can learn, but when it says “No,” that’s when you trash it.

  8. You:
    Robot …

    Robot open? mouth!
    Robot lick it!
    Robot suck it!
    OH MY GOD!
    MY DICK!
    Robot Bitch! Robot Bitch!

    Robot Bitch:
    “Meee love you long time!”
    “Till your balls catch fire and fall off…”
    “Meee never STOP”

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