nxtcam line tracking PID, ball retrieva. now with lolcaptions!

I’ll fill in some more details later for this beta version of my robot. Briefly, the code is in NXC, I use Lego Mindstorms and the NXT Camera. To follow the line I use a simple PID. To get close to the ball I don’t use one but I should (and will in Version 2!). The robot uses the sonar to find objects by the road. it uses the light sensor to detect whether it found the right object.

I intend to clean up my code and release it later this summer. If I don’t, please bug me about it!

Duration : 0:1:8

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3 thoughts on “nxtcam line tracking PID, ball retrieva. now with lolcaptions!

  1. Share your code …
    Share your code please! That would be much appreciated. I’m working on line tracking with the NXT camera but haven’t been having much luck with it tracking lines correctly. Thanks so much.

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