Gadget of i-SOBOT

These are i-SOBOT’s gadgets (weapon, handmade gun, etc).
100 videos anniversary !

Duration : 0:5:11

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25 thoughts on “Gadget of i-SOBOT

  1. great… so could …
    great… so could you please make a toutourial on how to make the 4 rocket launcher, sniper and Gatling gun 😀

  2. do you have …
    do you have tutorials on how you make the machine gun’s and stuff for this robot.

  3. No problem, when I …
    No problem, when I saw this video, the Quake 3 announcer voice was on my head every time the robot shot xD

  4. you know…. …
    you know…. smoking is what killed the dinosaurs.
    but still pretty cool. I can sleep better at night knowing tiny remote controlled robots are out there with Gatling guns and war hammers…

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