Super Simple Android Cellphone Controlled Robot

This is a really simple robot using two continuous rotation servos and a serial servo controller. The G1 is running a Python scripts in the Android Scripting Environment and sending simple commands to the servos.

We haven’t checked in this code but will do so soon.

Duration : 0:1:18

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3 thoughts on “Super Simple Android Cellphone Controlled Robot

  1. Good job, congrats. …
    Good job, congrats.
    I’ll try to do something like this when I purchase an Android.

  2. @luisbeck007 Hi I …
    @luisbeck007 Hi I am the god of identifying creeps, quacks and posers. Because you fill all three of these categories, I will lead the charge of finding you and killing you…

  3. Hi this is the God …
    Hi this is the God of Humanoid Robots, I know how to lead the technology…

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