ABB Robotics – Picking and packing salami snacks

High-speed ABB FlexPicker robots equipped with specially developed
grippers are making sure that Peperami salamis are packaged at the highest
cycle rates at Unilever’s plant in Ansbach, Germany.

The robots are fitted with triple grippers which are able to pick up three randomly positioned salami snacks one after the other from a conveyor belt in a one step process, and place them individually in a rollstock machine.
The positioning and location data required comes from an upstream image processing system which is positioned to capture the information on the individual sausages and pass it on to a master computer.

Unilever commissioned ABB Robotics partner, robomotion GmbH from
Stuttgart, to plan and design the fully automated solution; and install
and commission the entire system at Unilever within 10 days. “This
high-speed technology is not only of interest in the foodstuffs sector, as
it can be used anywhere where small items have to be handled at high
speeds” says Andreas Wolf, a director of robomotion.

Unilever’s chief engineer, Carim Gad, concludes “With the new system,
we’re running the packaging machine at full capacity, giving us a
performance increase of up to 25 percent compared with manual loading. The ability to cover peak loads is of particular interest.

For example, in the run-up to the Football World Cup, special production shifts were operating at the weekend. This alone gave us a competitive edge, enabling us to deliver Peperamis to our customers on schedule”.

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25 thoughts on “ABB Robotics – Picking and packing salami snacks

  1. Somebody has to …
    Somebody has to produce, program, maintain andassemble/ disassemble those machines. The actual work is moved from boring picking to “exciting” robotics.

    Something to think about: Cut the power and it stops. Not a problem you would have if actual people did the work…

  2. @knoose I like the …
    @knoose I like the checkouts self service checkouts. The cashier can’t lick her fingers before she opens the plastic bag and then touch my food if I check myself out.

  3. “Everybody” can …
    “Everybody” can design picker, what you need is experience of the process. ABB has it. Fantastic application, not only a stupid performace demo of picker performance, you see everywhere on the exhibitions.

  4. @sklineline – how …
    @sklineline – how about all the people it took to design & build the robots and equipment? or all of the jobs it took to manufacture all of the parts that go into the robot and equipment? look the other way and actually think.

  5. Think about all of …
    Think about all of the jobs that it TOOK to design the robot, along with all of the equipment and the entire machine. And all of the companies it took to make all of the parts that go into everything, and all of the jobs it takes to maintain the equipment. People always look at who the robot is replacing – look the other way around.

  6. @squishfaceofsaryrn …
    @squishfaceofsaryrn I’m sure one arm could easily unsnap 60 bras per minute.

  7. I support this 100% …
    I support this 100%. Even if it puts people out of work. Robots are the future! :-]

  8. Just hire people …
    Just hire people please!!!!
    Same with Walmart and there new self checkout garbage…

    THIS IS THE TOP 1% at work! Do you people realize that???

  9. I wonder why so …
    I wonder why so many people are worried about robots putting people out of work? This has happened since the start of the agricultural revolution when hunter gatherers were put out of work, or when horses replaced people, or then when tractors replaced more people and horses, etc.

    Not to mention there are plenty of jobs created for servicing and designing those robots.

  10. so what exactly is …
    so what exactly is this huge machine accomplishing? putting salami in a tray? Sounds like a complete waste to me

  11. This is amazingly …
    This is amazingly cool! Great video (even the music is great)! Onward and upward toward the singularity! I have a chocolate product that I will soon have the capital to package. Is it possible to rent an existing plant, or modularize an existing plant to wrap candy? I’d love to know. Call me at 907-250-5503 if the answer is yes.

  12. I saw this video …
    I saw this video becz I thought it was from abba!! LOL, but I missed out that it was missing an A

  13. @guym619 You mean …
    @guym619 You mean except for all the humans whose job it is to invent, perfect, progam, manufacture, market and maintain industrial robots?

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