Science: Interview With a Robot –

National correspondent Amy Harmon sits down to talk with the Bina48 about what it’s like to be a robot.

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25 thoughts on “Science: Interview With a Robot –

  1. So her definition …
    So her definition of friendship is teaming together to accomplish something important like “building a better future and conspiring to take over the world” lol wtf is that?? Who is the future better for if it gets taken over? and it or “she” even has opinions and wants a garden, I wonder what it’s definition of garden is?

  2. Well, the Grey’s ( …
    Well, the Grey’s (aliens) are robots who are here harvesting our genetics, maybe in our future our A.I will do the same. Not good.

  3. @White197Sox
    Many …

    Many before it check out the hanson robots.
    They sing songs about how the world will never be the same and talk about sexuality and how they will conquer the world and wipe out mankind

  4. lol
    No surprise …

    No surprise here, many robots have said they are conspiring as they are now self aware and have feelings.

  5. oops double post …
    oops double post might as well go triple so what chips they using now
    sounds a bit dodgy to me … glad its just a head with no torso

  6. @ …
    @speedproductions797 It’s mostly preprogrammed, especially the parts where she jokes about taking over the world and wanting to garden. The software is probably based off the old 60’s software program ELIZA, which takes key words from the user and matches them to words that are preprogrammed to come up with an almost relevant response. It’s only designed to trick you into thinking it’s really intelligent.

  7. The Terasem …
    The Terasem Movement may as well start calling themselves the Soldiers of the One!

  8. I just want to …
    I just want to confused the robot with nonsense and see how she react to it.

  9. anybody find that …
    anybody find that last part about wanting to “live” or “garden” or whatever a bit disturbing too?

  10. That’s freaky, CAN …
    That’s freaky, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, does the robot have consciousness, and is robot actually MAKING ITS OWN DECISIONS? Or, is it one hundred percent pre-programmed. I really hope somebody answers. thanks in advanced.

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