HPI G-ROBOTS GR-001 Humanoid Robot

Pre-release evaluation of the new HPI G-Robot kit about three weeks before it will be released to the market. For more information visit Robots Dreams at http://www.robots-dreams.com

Duration : 0:3:28

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7 thoughts on “HPI G-ROBOTS GR-001 Humanoid Robot

  1. Awesome stuff. Hey, …
    Awesome stuff. Hey, could you please tell me the name of the music track thats playing in the background? Thanks

  2. now i c y ppl wud …
    now i c y ppl wud side step in robo-one theyre so slow i love these kind of robots ^^ and how they run slow isnt fun at all how do they that i wanna learn T.T

  3. Waltzing Mech-Tech …
    Waltzing Mech-Tech from Spacecraft-by Cowley–The Trimson Grondag–by–skytrainzastron–

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