Robotic Cake Decorating Technology

Decorating Robot that can be programmed by the baker that applies Dark or light Chocolate, Caramel, Ganache, or Royal Icing Automatically, onto a moving target. 1, 2 or 3 color application single, double or triple combinations, to create Drizzle designs for effective Cake decoration designs. See more at

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15 thoughts on “Robotic Cake Decorating Technology

  1. And fondantless too …
    And fondantless too – I’d rather make a fondant cake emulating a Cake Wreck than have a robot ice it with buttercream for me! I bet Dewey McKinley Wilton is squirming in his grave watching that!

  2. I agree – that’s …
    I agree – that’s why I have to take a medical career instead of being a pastry chef! Ouch!

  3. Well….They’ll all …
    Well….They’ll all look the same. No creativity, no custom work, no good. Except for the icing machine. That is a real blessing. I wish I had one of those lol…..

  4. This would put a …
    This would put a lot of people out of jobs. No future for human cake decorators o.o

  5. wait wait,, am i …
    wait wait,, am i the only NOT impressed at this pathetic robot cake decorator

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