FANUC M-430iA Unloads Test Kits – FANUC Robotics Industrial Automation

A FANUC M-430iA robot unloads diagnostic test kits from a tray and places them on a conveyor. The robot users a vision system to pick and place the test kits. The M-430iA robot helps to maximize the flexibility of this packaging line by allowing for new products to be added in the future.

FANUC Robotics, Inc. is the leading supplier of industrial robots and factory automation systems in North and South America. We offer robotic systems in the following applications: Assembly Robots, Material Handling Robots, Welding-Laser Robots, Material Removal Robots, Painting and Dispensing Robots. We also produce software, controls and vision products that aid in the development of state-of-the-art robotic systems.

Duration : 0:1:6

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