[ More info on Kotobukiya Kits + Sketch projects ]

i just got rear ended before recording this vid… figured id vent a little by making this video

im sharing a tiny bit of more info on kotobukiya kits such as the super robot wars kits and such, and at the end i share with you guys some “concept art”

Duration : 0:10:21

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10 thoughts on “[ More info on Kotobukiya Kits + Sketch projects ]

  1. OMG white glint is …
    OMG white glint is just PWN all over it! its awesome in the game and looks awesome as a kit only thing thats stopping me from buying it…..the price :/ lol.

  2. If you have a comic …
    If you have a comic store near you they have this large book that the get each month called “previews” look through this and you will find listings of things to come out. in there they selll them and sometimes gundam kits.

  3. I actually lucked …
    I actually lucked out and found both Wurger and Falken kits about a month apart at a couple different hobby shops a couple years ago.

  4. Google “HobbySearch …
    Google “HobbySearch,” click on the official link (should be the first), go to “Gundam Model” at the top of the page, then Super Robot Wars OG toward the middle left. I’d post a link if youtube would let me 😛

    White Glint is more a $65 kit (which is how much it sells for online and in my local hobby shop), but you’re going to pay about $20-25 in shipping. So… that sucks XD

  5. Z, many thanks for …
    Z, many thanks for the coverage you’ve been giving Kotobukiyas kits recently. Due to the huge popularity of gunpla a lot of people overlook Kotos great kits.

    Your comment regarding these kits being movable statues is actually pretty fair. They do have full articulation but don’t really stand up to constant handling.

    White Glint is an fantastic AC kit but there are over 20 different mecha in the AC range and a lot are much more reasonably priced than the Glint (check out the Cronus Vixen).

  6. I managed to get …
    I managed to get the 1/100 Alteisen at around 50$, and while it doesn’t have the greatest of all articulation, it can get some wide-stances from its hip and ankle joints, but needs little paint otherwise and looks massively impressive next to your regular Gundam.

    That said, if you get White Glint keep in mind it needs some black paint for some parts and definitely some black lining.

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