Robot Bank noms on a Quarter! Toy Review by Mike Mozart on theToyChannel

Win Bank by Mike Mozart on the ToyChannel. Made by Radio Shack in 1977, he was call the Robotic Banker. A Fun Win Toy Mini Review by Mike Mozart on ThToyChannel. I love Electronic toy Banks! Please check out Mike Mozart’s OTHER recent Toy Reviews on the Toy Channel including the Newest Reviews of Barbie Dolls, Ken Dolls, Fail Toys and Win Toys!

Duration : 0:0:23

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25 thoughts on “Robot Bank noms on a Quarter! Toy Review by Mike Mozart on theToyChannel

  1. I love these they …
    I love these they always had them as tip jars in gas stations I always put the pennies in so I could watch him eat lol

    OMG I REMEMBER THESE THINGS! Coffee shops in my old town used to use them as tip jars, I always asked for a nickel to put in when I went there with my parents as a kid!

  3. I had one of those! …
    I had one of those! I think they made these up through the 80’s, but I could be wrong. I know Radio Shack had them in stock as late as 1990. Robbie quit working around 1992, as I recall. I miss that bank.

  4. I want one.
    I WANT …

    I want one.
    Usually i take the money away from my piggybanks
    to go buy something stupid. Now when i try to do so… Ouch.

  5. A friend of mine …
    A friend of mine had one of these, i kept trying to get her to part with it and give me the bank. It was cute then and it’s cute now.

  6. Really? That was …
    Really? That was made in 77? A buddy of mine had that when we were kids and that would’ve been 89-early 90’s. Wow

  7. I remember having …
    I remember having this guy, and later I saw one at a thrift store. TEMPTED to get him, but I have enough junk as it is.

  8. I have one of those …
    I have one of those somewhere in my toy box which hasn’t been opened in 20 years.

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