LEGO Technic Compact Robot Platform with PF

Simple robot platform with two PF Medium motors. Driving it with the “old” IR remote controller is challenging, I’m looking forward to have a 8879.

Duration : 0:1:27

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14 thoughts on “LEGO Technic Compact Robot Platform with PF

  1. Haha terminator …
    Haha terminator music, I loled when it started
    Nice design, even if it looks a little odd, I know how hard it is to cram all that crap into one little car

    @MrTRISTANCOOL I don’t really remember, it was more than a year ago. But as I see, I used only simple linkarms for the triangles and coupled them with the battery box (in your case it would be the NXT Brick). The treads are the “non-technic” ones.

  3. From a Mars Mission …
    From a Mars Mission set. These are much better for outdoor then the plastic treads of the Buldozer.

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