The Robot Within, Bottin Style Concepts

This is some bottin pratice, enjoy.

Grid & Coordinate Robot: the 1st robot is a Grid & Coordinate Robot. It moves mainly on an X-Y axis and has efficient servomechanisms that result in clean stops.

Faulty Toy Robot: The 2nd robot is a Toy Robot. Movements on its hinges are jerky. A glitch in its system causes the robot to power down at which point it must be rebooted into the upright position.

Air Muscle Robot: The 3rd robot uses air compression to power movement. Air quickly pushes through the system when an action is required.

Remote Control Robot: The 4th robot manipulates itself through remote guidance. Movement must be controlled and continually updated by sensors in both hands.

Duration : 0:10:19

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25 thoughts on “The Robot Within, Bottin Style Concepts

  1. hey men this is …
    hey men this is mother F! cool.. like to learn more bout this thing ayt.. hope you still doin this thang men..

  2. i kno itsj st …
    i kno itsj st bottin but still i have to give credit to u man
    u got this iso shti down to a science and this is in 07! damn
    congratz hope u still workin hard ay keep it up peace

    dom unique

  3. the description is …
    the description is mostly just for jokes but i can explain each one in much more simpler terms…

    1st bot: moving in straight clean lines

    2nd bot: toyman popping but more robotic, style created by the electric boogaloos

    3rd bot: robotic waving & liquid

    4rd bot: cranking and body control styles

    when you get a good bottin foundation you can take almost any style and “robotize” it. just think of different dance styles or concepts and act them out as a botter.

  4. please explain …
    please explain CONCEPTUALLY how you think this up? I KNOW the moves, but somehow cant seem to put it together like you, and I KNOW it’s because you’re approaching this a certian way MENTALLY. I aint trying to “bite” just trying to learn how to keep from “just doing random moves” know what I mean?

  5. Hats off to you… …
    Hats off to you… Incredible …. I love the way you vizulise the different bots… I do so myself…. find the moves come better if you imagine how the moves are made…. power sources… flow of impulse etc.. Long way off where you are…. Respect

  6. lmao….this …
    lmao….this is so funny, why is that im the only person who see’s the halirity in this

  7. BTW, is that a …
    BTW, is that a different version of Rubicon? your’s sounds more..’Up to date” Or maybe just because it’s loud? lol

  8. Sweet moves to some …
    Sweet moves to some sweet tracks. Keep it up bro, glad to see styles of dancing like this are still going strong.

  9. those are good …
    those are good ideas, what about transmutated algrorithms? or binary movements cross-referenced over several defined points? thermo-electro generated field patterns transposed on alternating currents!

  10. dude no that …
    dude no that really is the best botting i’ve ever seen. you’re an inspiration to me. if you’re looking for any criticism whatsoever (you don’t need any) i think it would be cool if toy robot was even more glitchy and messed up. maybe some electrical surges, crossed wires? 🙂

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