Cute or SCARY? ROBOT TOY Laptop PC Computer Toy Review by Mike Mozart of “The Toy Channel”

Scary or Sweet? Friendly or Frightening? Win or Fail? Team Concepts Little Learning Laptop PC from the Year 2000. Vintage toy review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel on YouTube. This Vintage Laptop PC for kids just seems scary. It’s eyes constantly glance side to side. These robotic toys always seem like futurist monsters to me.

Duration : 0:0:57

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25 thoughts on “Cute or SCARY? ROBOT TOY Laptop PC Computer Toy Review by Mike Mozart of “The Toy Channel”

  1. i would run to a …
    i would run to a bus stop get on the bus go to a airport and then fly as faraway from that as possible >_<

  2. This thing is the …
    This thing is the reason why they thought Y2K was going to be the end of the world….


  4. Uuhh i dont think i …
    Uuhh i dont think i would want to be BFF’s with that thing, its sort of cute but its so creepy looking!

  5. Kinda cute, but …
    Kinda cute, but kinda creepy. It’s a cute concept though, so it’s not exactly a fail.

  6. It would be cute, …
    It would be cute, except the eyes keep moving around like he/she/it? did something wrong.

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