Giant Robot Part 56 If you like it, watch. …if not, don’t. Simple.

Its so silly how certain types of people can come to my page…. which is basically my naked life, and make rude comments like, “I used to think your were intelligent, but now….”, or “You’re so ignorant….”
…THEN act all surprised when I block them!

If you invited someone into your home, and they called you a syoud idiot, would you invite them back again? Probably not. Thats what the block button is. Uninvitaion.

Its amazing how said people then get angry about it. ….like “you just erase comments you don’t like, blah blah…”

Well, uhh… ya. Its my channel. I generally think I’m not doing a good enough job of keeping the environment positive. To do that, I’d have to erase and block about 5 times as many people. I’m kinda too busy, though.

Imagine someone coming into your house, and swearing up a storm. You politely ask them to stop swearing. …and instead of saying ok, they tell you that you’re a controlling basterd. Thats what its like when you come back at me with a different user account, and complain even more.

Strangest part is that these types pretend they’re on some sort of moral high horse. …too bad they’re so far underground. 😛

Anyway… it just makes it a little less awesome fr all the awesome people. I make videos for myself. …and people who like them. Luckily thats like 99% of the people who watch and comment. 🙂 Too bad those 1% just can’t control themselves. imagine a magical little button that blocks all bad attitudes. 🙂

Duration : 0:9:27

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25 thoughts on “Giant Robot Part 56 If you like it, watch. …if not, don’t. Simple.

  1. 0:08 “I learned …
    0:08 “I learned some songs…”

    You’re a musician too? Awesome! What do you play? Can you play us a tune in one of your vids?

    thanks as always for the cool vids Jaimie.

  2. Dude, keep doing …
    Dude, keep doing your videos. Who gives a crap what morons post. The day will come when the giant robot stamps out the morons!

  3. @bluegreen1138: its …
    @bluegreen1138: its funny to listen to people who are complete idiots, we can set them straight… you say “pick fights” as if comments can punch you in the face. LOL…. ITS JUST WORDS BRO. No harm done…. now if they are posting links to a website over and over to spam… then yea. ban em.

  4. Man… i wish i new …
    Man… i wish i new you when you originally put this bearing together. I had a whole box of escalator load bearings that would of been perfect for this. If it comes down to having to completely rebuild the whole bearing let me know and i’ll see if i can get some more.

  5. Amazing. I would …
    Amazing. I would say that patience is a virtue taking time on a project like this is very important. A little theory saves a lot of work. Wish I could help with a project like this, not just the robot, the whole living on a mountain and off the grid! Bravo! I’ll be thinking about this the next time I have a heap of scrap metal. I’d love to see you incorporate those dozens of smaller bearings into the ring. Good Luck!

  6. Hey man keep up the …
    Hey man keep up the good work and ignore the talking on you. There just Jealous because they cant understand true intellect when they see it.

    I really wish I could make some helpful comments but I really don’t know much on this subject.

    Well, actually…..When the whole Robot is done, you should add laser beams to it lol. What kind of robot doesn’t have laser beams?

  7. Holy crap -_- You …
    Holy crap -_- You have so many talents. That’s awesome. I am looking forward to the finishing of this robot. How you have time to do all those other things I have no idea.

  8. I used to think …
    I used to think your were intelligent, but now i think youre super intelligent. And hilarious. Keep up the good work!

  9. I think this is …
    I think this is totally FANTASTIC!!!
    I am loving how you are speaking your thought process for inspiration! It sounds very genuine and very genius!

    Power Ranger’s headquarters! =D

  10. I think this is …
    I think this is totally FANTASTIC!!!
    I am loving how you are speaking your thought process for inspiration! It sounds very genuine and very genius!

    Power Ranger’s headquarters! =D

  11. Don’t need to …
    Don’t need to reinvent the wheel, bro. The guys saying to check out tank turret designs have the right idea. Imagine all the weight they put on those things.

    You also might want to check some of the other bits and pieces of your robot that don’t work as well as you might want them to and see if there’s not something else that’s already been built that you could use instead.

    Not to on your robot or anything. You’re awesome. The coolest thing I ever built was LEGO.

  12. @fr3d420 whats …
    @fr3d420 whats wrong with blocking people? If someone is picking fights with everyone in a party including the host? kick em out. other-wise you got creepy guys sending bad vibes

  13. 1 troll for every …
    1 troll for every 99 nice persons. thats the same percentage I came up with for bar patrons. I gave up bar-tending because by the third abusive jerk of the night I was ready to take 3 guys worth of woop-ass out on that last motherlover. I’m pretty sure shrinks say 1% of humans are incapable of feeling empathy (there frontal lobes won’t light up). But they do like tormenting.

  14. i hope none of …

    i hope none of my comments you off.
    Your right, this is your house. If a person or robot cant play nice with others they need to go.. the rest of us arent troll food

  15. but if you tighting …
    but if you tighting them to hard they will get even more hard to move if you could put something like rubber paste something flexibel and then tighting it is should work just an idee

  16. Keep it up Jaime, …
    Keep it up Jaime, no need to indulge the hateful indignant people on the internet. I may have missed it, but do you have a link for your robot walking around?

  17. What about counter …
    What about counter weights? May not solve the entire problem, but would likely help.

  18. I’d suggest …
    I’d suggest ditching the ball transfer units and aluminium tubes and then use the steel tube as the bearing surface with skate bearings running on it.

  19. There are some …
    There are some amazing drawings available for WWII tanks.. They had massive weights, and some like the Tiger had electrically driven turrets. They also had to deal with large weights on one side (tank gun) that would effect rotation. Time ot head to the library, I am also sure some astute youtubers probably can find nice close up drawings online.

  20. Jamie, you sir are …
    Jamie, you sir are awsome! An update from you ranks higher then a new episode from the various tv series I watch 😛 Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing your project walking in the open 🙂

    And btw, screw those 1% that’s bashing you. You are doing the right thing just blockign and ignoring them. They are not worth the trouble

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