Tactical Robot.m4v

This is the Mega Hurtz© Tactical Robotic Platform from Inspector Bots.
The Mega Hurtz is a rugged 4-Wheel Drive Teleoperated Robotic platform designed for Law Enforcement and Security Applications. The video shows some of the features of the Robot including: Towing a 4700lb Hummer, Breeching a Fortified Concrete Wall, Driving in the desert sand and firing 20 rounds per second with its Non-Lethal Automatic Weapon System.

Duration : 0:5:50

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25 thoughts on “Tactical Robot.m4v

  1. Alright so if you …
    Alright so if you have a .50 cal on this monster i’m not really sure your gonna need to ram into the wall to knock it down.

  2. Ah, it breachs a …
    Ah, it breachs a paper wall, so hard. You can’t throw expensive toys at human conflicts hoping to solve it from distance, that’s the worst kind of illusion nowadays.
    “There on a distant land, the people fight for i don’t know what reason”
    So cool to save live playing with a vr command, you would see it on cnn or interviews, but surely people would keep dying stupid ways on war.

  3. oh, and who wants …
    oh, and who wants it non-lethal anyways? mount a AA-12 up on there, they may not respect it at first, but that will quickly change. This little dude would get a lot more respect then a mall cop, thats for sure.

  4. @Bullseye5477 It …
    @Bullseye5477 It makes sense if you look at the numbers, each month the entire coalition force would lose less then half dozen men to attacks, and every month the opposing force loses hundreds in drone & heli attacks. The only battle the US is losing is the media, terrorists have better PR departments, lol. This is a similar situation as Vietnam, we lose a few hundred troops to thier 10,000, but was a failure in the eyes of the public. Remote warfare is the future, if you can afford it.

  5. As a tactical medic …
    As a tactical medic the possibility of using this as a legitimate medical evacuation platform amazes me. The ability to move a casualty under fire without needlessly exposing other operators can give us the battlefield advantage. This product has the ability to truly save lives. I really hope this moves beyond the prototype stage and goes into full production. Thank you for your hard work.

  6. it does make sense. …
    it does make sense..if you read…
    google War is a racket by General Smedley Butler

    Then try..

    iamthewitness. c o m

    or google Israel did 9/11
    click the first hit
    It ain’t rocket science.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, …
    Don’t get me wrong, this thing is awesome but we need to start thinking like our enemies. We spend 650 billion dollars annually on stuff like this, tanks, jets, subs, aircraft carriers etc. right on up to space satellites. What does the enemy have? A beat up Nissan pick-up, an AK-47, a cell phone and an IED. And they’re kickin’ our around the globe. It’s a shame. Just doesn’t make sense.

  8. Considering it can …
    Considering it can break through mortared cinderblocks, the first nonlethal option that comes to mind is to simply drive it at top speed right into the enemy’s shins.

  9. @buddyis12 It …
    @buddyis12 It doesn’t kill. It fires non-lethal beanbag rounds and it can be used to save lives. If you actually watched the video you’d probably know that though.

  10. Brilliant. Chris, …
    Brilliant. Chris, you are amazing. So much work has gone into this . For all of you haters out there, let’s see you put this together. Incredible!!

  11. @nickswizzy …
    @nickswizzy inspectorbots(.com) doesn’t list a price for the Mega Hurtz yet but another Robotic Weapon System is listed as $9900USD.

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