Arduino with Wii nunchuck

I was about to buy an accelerometer to play with. But I realised I already had one at home: Why not use the accelerometer in the Nunchuck? So I googled and found a really good how to here (with source code that can be modified to two servos): , it was possible!
Have a look att this PDF from that site:

I didn’t want to destroy my nunchuck so I made a basic “adapter” out of cardboard and aluminium foil.
Well, it’s ugly but it works.
Someday I’ll buy another nunchuck just to get the accelerometer.. Well.

Duration : 0:2:21

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25 thoughts on “Arduino with Wii nunchuck

  1. how much for …
    how much for everything out the door? Looks like that cost you over a grand. Now what are you going to do with it? Take it to your boss and ask for a pay raise?

  2. Wow!!! I would like …
    Wow!!! I would like to use my own wii for this!! but I´m afraid of burning it!! the thing is that if I make it I would make it in old school way : buying an ATMEGA and just doing it!! no alreadymade platform like arduino…so that´s the thing…the link u posted is something about I2c scanner, is the nunchuck based on a I2C control??

  3. do you have a copy …
    do you have a copy of the 2 servo code or a link to it have found some but get compile error’s thanks

  4. Nice. Looks a bit …
    Nice. Looks a bit jumpy some times. Maybe you could use an array or something to average out the motion so its smoother.

  5. This is a great …
    This is a great build. Well done.
    It looks like the controls have some jitter. Try using a cyclic buffer to hold several consecutive input samples, and then take the majority reading.

  6. Wonderful job! I’m …
    Wonderful job! I’m looking to do a similar thing. Could I take a look at your arduino sketch for this?

  7. @thiage ah, ok …
    @thiage ah, ok thanks! ill try it out, ill use that while i wait for my nunchuck extension cable that im gonna use for it

  8. @couchpotato8796 …
    @couchpotato8796 Hello 🙂 I’m pretty sure I just taped cables to the foil (or made them stay together by a temporary and ugly solution like that). So: Foil+cables -> arduino.

  9. how did you connect …
    how did you connect the aluminum foil to the breadboard? i dont think it could be soldered to wires, could it? or did you just roll them up and stick them in the BB? Thats pretty sweet though ill have to try it out.

  10. WAY COOL – If you …
    WAY COOL – If you replace the eyes with cameras, and the joystick with a heads-up display, you can see around as you move your head.

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