A robot’s life

Robbie the robot hits hard time trying to make a living on the streets. If you like him please friend him Robbie The-Robot on Facebook or follow me on twitter @elad_offer.

Duration : 0:1:33

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25 thoughts on “A robot’s life

  1. @EladOffer wow…uh …
    @EladOffer wow…uh no it wasn’t. but nice joke. That was styx. lol Still an awesome cute film.

  2. nice video. how did …
    nice video. how did you make the hat move with the robot. was it a wire, stop motion or something else

  3. Nice video, nicely …
    Nice video, nicely done, lot of work and effort put on that thing, it’s well done, and nice realistic integration.

    But, without any offance, I think that it would have been better with less robot walking at the beginning, a freaking bad high-tech radio to show it off and impress the kids and maybe a guy giving some tip in the hat or something.

    Last comment would be about the dance, the animation is PERFECTLY done, but i mean.. the robot could dance better then that no?

    Overall, Good job!! 5*

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