IPhone controlled Arduino-based Tank via WiFi, xBees & Processing

The Arduino based tank is controlled with the TouchOSC app for the iPhone to send OpenSoundControl signals to Processing which translates the signals to serial and sends it out via usb to an xBee module…which in turn get’s picked up by another xBee module on the Arduino Tank. The Arduino tank is using an Ardumoto motor driver shield and has a LiPoly battery charger connected to a solar panel for easy charging.

For more information and all the Source Code, check www.ProjectAllusion.com

Duration : 0:1:22

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25 thoughts on “IPhone controlled Arduino-based Tank via WiFi, xBees & Processing


  2. @sciencefreak2402 …
    @sciencefreak2402 the iPhone app is called TouchOSC, I didn’t write it, but I really like how easy it is to build your own GUI in it and the fact that it uses OSC. It’s fairly customizable and works for most things, but obviously not everything since you are limited by their GUI elements.

  3. @sciencefreak2402 …
    @sciencefreak2402 I’m not him but i can explain, Touchosc is an app usually used for controlling synthesizers it’s on the app store, it lets you create a UI to send controlling data to software synthesizers. In this case though, he is converting the OpenSound controls to serial data the arduino can understand on his compute, and this data is then sent along wireless Xbee modules to control the tank.

  4. Really great!
    Is …

    Really great!
    Is the sketch code available?
    Would it be possible to interface directly to the “tank” via a ether-shield and a wifi adapter?

  5. @oybeans2
    Me to, I …

    Me to, I skipped the 3gs update from my 3g, just have a feeling that it will be worth the wait
    Lots of ppl watchin’ this video won’t be able to afford the iPhone 4g, it’s just going to cost alot
    However I learned on Apples facebook page Monday they are giving away a few thousand iPhone 4gs. Oh and, this is the link to Apples iPhone 4g giveaway page … just copy and paste
    Also, the sign up pass code for the second page is FACEBOOK4565

  6. excellent …
    excellent demonstration, it can be used in many propose. it mixed with specials thinks can safe de word. imagine using bots in agriculture. plant seeds or beans

  7. Hey dude, I cant …
    Hey dude, I cant understand how are you sending signals from the TouchOSC to the robot? Can you explain the flow of commands from the IPhone to Robot? Thanks!

  8. hello guy i like …
    hello guy i like this tank to play. Do u want to sell this tank to me. I wanna play. Another 1 thing , this car can run only during same wifi?
    Is it really like that?

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  10. could someone help …
    could someone help me? I am running this app perfectly with Ableton 7 on Vista. But when i make my own layout with the editor i cant sync it to my ipod. No “add” option appears on my ipod.

  11. thanks, feel free …
    thanks, feel free to modify the code and create your own bot. I’d love to see what other people are working on.

  12. @jigglesnap yeah, …
    @jigglesnap yeah, but using a simple cheap-o remote wouldn’t have been as cool, or fun.

  13. very cool work man. …
    very cool work man…
    do you have a site where we can check diagrams and code of program, if possible?

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