Kinect Teleoperation of Humanoid Robot

Veltrobot is controlled by a Microsoft Kinect as master/slave. The robot is based on a Kondo KHR-1HV. The software uses ROS to run the robot and the NITE package for the Kinect.
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25 thoughts on “Kinect Teleoperation of Humanoid Robot

  1. Hacked Kinect is …
    Hacked Kinect is pretty awesome. Seems the 3d motion tracking without suits is great to even control robots and do other awesome 3d based work. Animation and motion tracking for games is pretty interesting, they seem to be very well polished and react right. This is the next big step though to control the real world.

  2. @hikil13 I think …
    @hikil13 I think 2011 will have a great set of games coming for Kinect. Microsoft and Developers have spent a lot of time with the dev kits.

  3. I heard something …
    I heard something about Microsoft being able to do a firmware update to allow Kinect to be improved on response issues.

  4. This is great! And …
    This is great! And a nice insight to see what’s too come!

    (I’m assuming you did this all in your spare time at home)

    when this kind of thing is being done by people from home, imagine what the big tech labs must be up to with future development of said technology.

    Would love it if you could keep us updated with future progress of your with this.

  5. looks cool
    only I …

    looks cool
    only I think its not so much fun to play with it so its kinda useless
    BTW I dont try to sound mean

  6. jajajajaj you look …
    jajajajaj you look like “Sheldon” of “Big Bang theory” xD.
    Cool vid youre a smart and cool guy.

  7. This kind of …
    This kind of technology cost thousands maybe millions of dollars in the past. Now you just need to download the drivers and bought a kinect and you can do this yourself with time and perseverance with just a few bucks. I don’t care what people say about kinect, kinect is awesome.
    Too bad microsoft is not exploiting the true potential of this wonderful technology.

  8. The first person …
    The first person who gets this down pat will make billions selling these to the mining and manufacturing industries…

  9. wow man this looks …
    wow man this looks awesome!!! I can only imagine what a final product will be like

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