Arduino-Based Laser Controlled Wireless Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Latest video describing my cat feeder project. Now includes wireless PC connection as well as a web command interface. Learn more at

Duration : 0:4:43

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13 thoughts on “Arduino-Based Laser Controlled Wireless Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

  1. super cool man, I …
    super cool man, I just got my arduino in the mail a month ago and it can automate so many things.Your project is awesome tho!

  2. you can do it …
    you can do it without laser if you use stepper motor or servo you can write how many steps to turn

  3. Hi kryptekdta. …
    Hi kryptekdta. Thanks for your description. Is there a chance you can post a video or some pics of you your version? Thanks again!


  4. to push the bowl …
    to push the bowl out of the way when shes hungry. So that was the fix. the same arduino board controls my deadbolt so I can unlock the door via internet but a password is required.
    I would like to add a RFID tag to their collars and if they go up to it and they haven’t eaten in awhile (in case i forgot) it will auto drop a snack or cup i have both coded. I wanted to do this design but I want to hold 50lb bag of food! When water is hooked up using a valve I’ll post vid response when done GJ

  5. Mine is alot …
    Mine is alot different, I use linksys bridged and arduino and ethernet shield, the PVC pipe is attached to the bottom of the box and leads to a bowl, a servo holds a flat piece of metal in two spots 2 servos one servo opens drops to next then top closes and bottom servo opens to let food drop closes, top opens fills up just a cup closes.. waits for cycle/command via internet there is a trip wire set up so if the bowl is moved/out of reach of pvc it wont allow you to, the dog likes

  6. This is really cool …
    This is really cool 🙂

    I’m going to start building an arduino dog tracking system soon – but i’m not completely sure how I’m going to do it yet.

    great project!

  7. This is cool, put …
    This is cool, put it in a fancy box, build em in taiwan and you could flog them for £500. It’d be a bargain compared to pet hotel fees.

    Perhaps a version for kids that dispensed oreos.

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