Processing ported on an Arduino TouchShield – Part 1

This is a video showing a handful of different sketches I took from Casey Reas and Ben Fry’s book, Processing, which I’ve coded onto a series of Arduino’s, so that each one displays the sketch on a TouchShield. I wrote it specifically so I could have multiple sketches on each Arduino and so I didn’t need to re-code the TouchShield each time – all I had to do was swap out the Arduino’s to change the code. All of the source code is available over at

Duration : 0:5:10

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6 thoughts on “Processing ported on an Arduino TouchShield – Part 1

  1. this is well …
    this is well awesome id love to use processing on an arduino – youre a true engineer!

  2. Thanks a lot – the …
    Thanks a lot – the “interpreter” so to speak is running on the Arduino, which then sends commands to the TouchShield to display…

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