Aldebaran’s New Nao Robot Demo

Aldebaran Robotics founder and CEO Bruno Maisonnier demos the latest version of the Nao humanoid robot. Read more:

Duration : 0:4:2

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25 thoughts on “Aldebaran’s New Nao Robot Demo

  1. Aldebaran has …
    Aldebaran has launched a special program for talented developers, you can get a NAO for only 3600€! You should look at their website for more information.

  2. Has any robot …
    Has any robot company just tried to build a human? I would think there are plenty of substitutes for parts.

  3. @pewbeng lol he …
    @pewbeng lol he would be like *remember that time you sone of a B@#$ yea…thts wa i tought..XD

  4. Wow that is much …
    Wow that is much better than my £80 robosapian what a waste of money that was for about one hours entertainment

  5. @armack2008 Within …
    @armack2008 Within coming modern medical science, it will be achieved haha. I think if im not mistaken, humans a while back used to live twice to three times as longer compared to today. I think it definitely primarily had something to do with environment degradation and use of drugs, as well as spread of diseases. Well, that would be the obvious factor. Lol

  6. omg this thing is …
    omg this thing is amazing <33 i want haha
    probably waaayyy expensive though, and not for sale 0.o

  7. where’s the robot …
    where’s the robot and the robot shut the up and make a sandwich button? MANHOOD101. COM

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